Logic Design is now a member of the association CroissancePlus!

Logic Design is now a member of the association CroissancePlus!

CroissancePlus has been working for more than 20 years on the creation and development of a growth-friendly environment for companies (big corporations, scale-ups, start-ups). It is one of the first networks that defends the interests of high economic growth companies to help them develop their business.

Entrepreneurs and partners (insurances, banks, lawyer, accounting, risk capital and audit firms, consultancies, recruitment agencies…) are gathered in the association in order to act together on reforming the economic, social and legal environment. The area of intervention is wide: tax, jobs, international development, digital economy, etc. Meetings are frequently organized to inform and monitor companies in their development.

More generally, the association is a place where one can:

  • share experience
  • build relationships and chat
  • develop an entrepreneurial spirit

The CroissancePlus members recently gathered in Deauville for the SpringCampus, an annual event made to discuss the future of economy and of the world they must contribute building.

Like Coriolis, Booster Academy, Babilou, l’Atelier des chefs, BlaBlaCar and many more companies, Logic Design is now a member of this network!

For more informations, visit the website http://www.croissanceplus.com/

Image : Spring Campus Croissance Plus Opio 2014 – J1 S © Laurence de Terline

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