1988 — 2018 Logic Design a 30 ans !

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1920 1280 France
En mars, Logic Design fait sa Food Revolution !

This is the sto­ry of three friends. Three friends who met at the uni­ver­si­ty, with a desi­gn, mar­ke­ting and digi­tal major. Three friends who, when they tur­ned 30, deci­ded to make their dream come true: open a French café in the Uni­ted States. Audrey had wor­ked for Logic Desi­gn for 6 years when she left for this new adven­ture. It has not been easy to leave desi­gn for pas­try. She has had to work care­ful­ly on the concept, learn the basics of pas­try, build a 300-pages busi­ness plan (in English of course!). This long hard work did not scare her away though.

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