Transform your and be the first to take up tomorrow's challenges

For a brand, what matters above all is leadership. It is about being the forerunner, getting ahead of your competitors, your category and your market. 

Speed is important, but equally so is understanding. To break new ground in this way, you need to have your finger on the pulse and a clear vision of where the world is going. 

To gain recognition, such leadership must be embodied in a unique brand experience, from construction of the platform, definition of its positioning, the engagement strategy and the brand promise to the identity, places, services and product ranges, innovation, culture and more. 

This is the experience that will ultimately forge the reputation and influence of the brand.

Our wide-ranging expertise

Our wide-ranging expertise

  • Trends & weak signals
  • Foresight
  • User & expert insights
  • Innovation pipeline
  • New business
  • Service innovation
  • Product design
  • Brand platform
  • Positioning & laddering
  • CSR commitments
  • Governance & portfolio


Decode weak signals to detect upcoming trends

With mission-led businesses a hot topic, brands are called to cultivate understanding of their time and its issues to anticipate where the world is going and the changes to come. Whether creating a brand or strengthening the image of an existing brand, we help our customers to anticipate their targets’ new expectations to turn them into a cause, a corporate or brand strategy.

From stakeholder interviews to co-construction workshops and online platforms with consumers, we have developed a full range of tools to enable you to gain a better grasp of the key issues shaping your environment.

Shopper behaviours
Charte graphique

Brand strategy
Product range strategy
Engagement strategy


Deciding today to win tomorrow

We help companies reveal their true purpose and make this a central pillar of their brand strategy.

Thanks to our proprietary tools, we work together with brands to create their platforms, CSR engagements strategies or positioning scenarii. 

These elements are meaningful guides for businesses, which will be able to leverage them to set the course and align all stakeholders around the strategies to be adopted. 


Set the stage for unique brands to grow

Branding is above all a networking of creative skills. From the brand idea to the definition of its concept right through to its embodiment in the form of creative assets.

Such teamwork sets the stage for unique brands to grow, with strong and recognisable brand assets. Visual identity, universe, iconography, product design or tone of voice are all areas to which we bring our expertise to bear, with a view to improving coherence and strengthening your leadership. 

Packaging Verbal identity

Product & service innovation
Product design
Test equipement


Create the products and experiences of tomorrow

Brands must constantly stay in step with their times – and even anticipate them. In order to hone their leadership, innovation must be factored into the brand promise, embody it and restate it. 

Sprint, run or marathon version: we offer collaborative methods for developing your innovations together. We always strive to nurture a team spirit where fun and creativity are part of the experience. For at Logic, there can be no innovation without experience!