Enhance the connection between your brand and its users

At a time when experience matters, packaging is still the first means of communication for consumer brands. It is the ultimate medium: the interface between the user and the brand.

We believe that packaging is so much more than a point of contact. Beyond its packing role, it is the ambassador of the brand’s vision and its leadership, the realities of the market and new consumer concerns.

It is also a strategic tool as regards differentiation, gaining target loyalty and showcasing the company’s product ranges.

Its tangible dimension means it can foster an emotional and meaningful connection between the brand and its users.

  • Embody your brand storytelling in a strong identity
  • Connect with your consumers
  • Differentiate and divide your product range into segments

No storytelling, no packaging

Packaging is first and foremost the embodiment of the brand identity and narrative. It needs to factor in its positioning, promise, values and platform while meeting consumers’ expectations and clearly indicating the product’s characteristics. 

In addition to functional requirements, above all it must tell a clear and appealing story in keeping with the brand. This story can be embodied in a strong visual identity through a scope and design features that are proprietary. No storytelling, no packaging.

22 x

memory recall thanks to storytelling!
(According to cognitive psychologist Jerôme Bruner)

Catch attention from the first glance

Packaging exists in a complex and crowded landscape. It needs to go through iterative stages involving both the reflexes and emotions.

Differentiation and relevance on the shelf are achieved by combining targets of emergence, appeal and understanding. Ranking information, RTB, proportions, mock-ups, colours, materials, format and printing are all areas of leverage for driving up performance.

Logic Design has also developed tools which present consumer behaviour in factual terms, thereby avoiding subjectivity.

When communication materials are consistent with the brand identity guidelines, brand leadership is cemented, segmentation and ranges are clarified and navigation within the product range is facilitated, all the while strengthening the impact of the visual identity.   

With online shopping now the norm, packaging must also be designed for optimising the digital experience.


to form an opinion on a product in a linear process.
(Signet Branding)

Craft a unique experience for the senses

Designing packaging is about designing a multi-sensory experience.

More than just straightforward creative and visual projects, packaging design and production call on the senses: sight of course, with the interplay of colours and shapes, but also touch with the materials themselves, the grooving, finishes, and hearing with the opening pops, paper that tears and the experience of unboxing.

Besides the senses, the timing, movements and rituals associated can all be harnessed to create a unique user experience.

This experience is what leaves a lasting impression, at the root of the brand’s image and reputation.

Reach all 5 senses

93% of the decision to purchase is influenced by the colour, material, appearance and feel of a product

Turn a societal issue into a growth opportunity

In addition to its health, statutory, service and functional role, packaging must also now factor in new environmental dimensions.

At Logic Design, our belief is that packaging is no longer merely an outer wrapper to be thrown away.

Recyclability, eco-design, traceability and the search not only for new innovative, biodegradable and more environmentally-friendly materials (such as paper, cardboard, rPE, bioplastics and green inks), but also for new uses are all avenues to be explored in the future.

This is exactly what is keeping our strategic planning and structural design teams busy on a daily basis, alongside our graphic designers, partners and providers.


of consumers in France felt that brands should be actively working to reduce packaging.

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