Bringing Biodiersity to the heart of the brand

A brand that shows greater commitment thanks to a holistic approach through storytelling, design and the creation of a kids’ universe.


Commitment to life

For more than 30 years Vittel is acting to maintain Life on its soil.  This has been a collaborative approach with all the local stakeholders.

This year, 2020, is pivotal for Vittel as it moves towards an even stronger brand commitment and Logic Design is their partner for reinforcing this.

In order to better understand the brand’s ecosystem, the agency got on the ground to see how Vittel actually works and commits to biodiversity. Logic Design basically examined the brand’s concrete actions.

A CSR policy to support

With the Open Pilot approach, the agency mobilized consumers to explore the notion of biodiversity to tell the new Vittel story collaboratively.

This process allowed an in-depth work on:
– the range architecture;
– the alignment of the product positionings with the new brand purpose
– the definition of new range universes and pack redesign
– the development of concepts, innovations and brand activations able to nourish this commitment.

Biodiversity Incarnate

Incarner la biodiversité

The new story of Vittel is embodied in a design that celebrates the Nature. The brand’s commitment is further enhanced by reaffirming its origins in the Vosges and the actions taken to preserve the local biodiversity of its homeland.

A second step in the incarnation of this new story is the creation of a kids’ universe. Indeed, Vittel aims to educate youngsters about the importance of environmental respect and the role of biodiversity for water. That is why Logic Design created and developed the “Heroes of Nature”, ownable mascots that represent the preserved biodiversity of the Vosges.

« A notre époque où les super-hyper et autres maxi-grandes surfaces s’implantent » 

Parution – Le trait d’union 1985

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The Biodiersity to the heart of the brand

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