Gaining in leadership thanks to an experiental approach

A collaborative and experiential approach

GUIGOZ® strives daily for baby’s well-being”. To help achieve this mission and maintain its leadership, we ran several collaborative workshops based around the 5 senses to create a new brand experience. Using touch, smell, sound and taste as the driving forces for the new brand platform.”

An image that makes sense

The sense-base findings provided the basis for the design of the new brand identity, an overhaul of the brand assets and communication codes.

All the facets of the GUIGOZ® brand identity were projected by the team with a new logo, colour palette, modern typographic choices, an assertive illustrative and iconographic style and a meticulous choice of textual elements.

A new brand identity

The GUIGOZ® unique value proposition and universe is embodied by the brand communication, packaging and brand book. Thanks to the collaborative methodology of the 5 senses, Logic Design makes it gain in personality, legitimacy and modernity. It establishes a genuine brand language, with a visual system that links the emotional with modernity.

By drawing on its DNA GUIGOZ® stands out as the brand for the new needs of babies and their parents.

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