Embody the excellence of the French rugby league


Meetings with all the stakeholders

The agency took a deep dive into rugby culture, the people who play it and the fans who like to watch it. The team wanted the total rugby experience: going to matches, meeting players, understanding their universe, meeting fans, talking about their relationship to the brand, meeting sponsors and understanding their needs and their attachment to the league.
The teams got to understand the expectations and challenges facing the stakeholders. The feedback was unanimous, the codes and values surrounding rugby were what counted for fans and players: excellence, power, and the will to cross the line and score a try!

The values of rugby
From these observations are born the strong cues that embody the values of the championship: gold and black for excellence, lines and stripes for the try line. The typography around the number 14 recall the goal posts. An identity that exemplifies the values and the symbols of rugby with power, commitment as much as excellence. And one that players are proud of.
A brand universe

From the ball to the complete branding of stadiums, via media supports and non-media Logic Design designed the entire brand universe.
More than 8 years after this identity was launched it remains an icon and a proud banner for the players of the league!

« The french rugby league has an identity that matches what’s at stake. »

Marketing Director
Ligue Nationale de Rugby

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