Solti Hope

The design of the first platform that empowers patients with metastatic breast cancer

Otra muestra de cómo el branding y las plataformas digitales pueden generar valor en iniciativas y causas médicas. Empodera al paciente para conseguir un tratamiento para ellxs y para otras pacientes con un perfil similar


Observation and analysis phase

Hope, the Solti Group’s precision oncology study for genomic analysis of metastatic breast cancer, proposes a new way to treat cancer based on collective intelligence and personalised treatments.

With this project focused on audiences with different communication needs, oncologists and patients, we needed to find a unique approach relevant to both with a communication tone that suits everyone: friendly, fluent and professional.

A collective research program on metastatic breast cancer.


Design of the identity system

From exploring scientific graphic codes and patient needs, we created an identity system with a flat design to simplify the user experience. We reduced the palette to four shades and generated our own illustrations to create complex concepts.

We created a strong logo with a powerful and distinctive symbol, a brand asset that we use to visualise the content and to bring dynamism to the system.


Simplifying complex concepts

As we aim for consistency in the communication approach, we designed an easy-to-navigate website with direct and concise messages aimed at professionals or patients.

We developed storytelling through language suited to each audience to convey deeper concepts such as the patient’s journey or the meaning of “precision oncology” in an efficient way. For each story we create an animated video with illustrations.

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The Biodiersity to the heart of the brand

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