Eco-design; reconnecting with our planet!

eco design

Eco-design; reconnecting with our planet!

Global awareness is shaking up global industrial production. Eco-responsibility is a reality that is forcing brands to react quickly and become actors of this revolution. Vincent Viard, Head of the agency Structural Design Department, unravels the latest trends in terms of eco-design.


  • Consider the overall life cycle


Ari Jónsson, an Icelandic design student produces bio-plastic water bottles based on biodegradable proteins from edible red algae.

Beyond this example, the dissemination of compostable or home-compostable materials makes it possible to project the production of ecologically acceptable consumer goods.



  • Taking care of waste


The Ocean Plastic 3D printed shoe by Adidas is made from discarded fishing nets and ocean waste.

Technological intelligence currently allows us to re-integrate our past waste into a viable industrial cycle. Enzymatic engineering even goes back to the original molecules of the materials from the recovered residues.

Making new out of the old is the mantra of the decade.




  • The Box: limiting the environmental impact of e-commerce


This connected packaging lines up with new optimization efforts for online commerce. Beyond reinventing the packaging of our ancestors, these new packs mix the digital with the absolute necessity of avoiding 100 billion boxes annually going to waste.

Furthermore, the pack has eco credentials. It is produced from recycled materials and above all, it is reusable more than 1,000 times before it in turn it can be recycled. This innovation would save the annual equivalent of 700 million trees.


eco design


  • Nature with ambition


The self-generation of certain organisms now makes it possible to industrialise naturally bio-sourced materials.Ecovative Design in New York used mushrooms to create Mycobond, a material resistant to heat, fire and shock, that is biodegradable (even in anaerobiosis) with low energy production requirements. This alternative to cushioning foams requires only one-eighth of the energy and one-tenth of the carbon dioxide used for traditional materials to produce.


eco design




Good news at last ! 21st Century technology opens the doors to a world we can now humbly return to. We can use nature’s lifecycle that we should never have left in the first place.



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