Logic Design breaks down the marketing silos through a new methodology

Logic Design breaks down the marketing silos through a new methodology

Logic Design is reaching a new milestone as a pioneer of innovative and collaborative methodologies with Open-Pilot®. The agency is revolutionizing its consumer approach with a new Darwinian tool and approach. From Phase 1 of a project opens up the possibilities to confront different creative avenues with the reality on the ground.


Logic Design has developed a new proprietary and exclusive tool for analysing on-shelf behaviour: the Open-Pilot IET. This tool provides access to the most intimate of consumer insights that ultimately lead to brand choices and accelerate time to market!



The Open-Pilot IET allows the agency to confront and quantify its creative routes.  This covers the competitive environment but also consumer behaviour in situ. Are they spotted,  are theyunderstood? What’s the takeaway or are they perceived as interesting?

With the insights collected and combining declarative and objective data, the agency analyses the results and selects successful creative routes and reworks them. This delivers results that are validated by both clients and consumers.




Whether you’re carrying out an audit of an existing concept, repositioning, optimizing or creating new concepts, this tool allows you to:


  • monitor consumer behaviour in real time
  • compare a product / an offer with its competitive environment
  • understand the strengths and weaknesses of a product, concept or creative hypothesis
  • validate the emergence and understanding of a message
  • decode the motivations and barriers to buying
  • to validate creative avenues in situ
  • measure the performance of a concept according to the merchandising plan
  • speed up the time to market.


With this new tool Logic Design provides tested and validated solutions to fulfil your brand’s objectives.


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