Prospective Narrative – Marseille 2099

At the dawn of the 22nd century, when the natural causes of death have been eradicated through advances in medicine and science, the legislative framework for the end-of-life modalities is…

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Confinement emojis

When the confinement began, some people had the feeling that the time had stopped. Some others felt like taking advantage of the free time, keeping a busy mind… because being…

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Artiste-Ouvrier, The other face of street art

Delphine, our specialist in culture introduces her creative crush: Felix Gonzalez-Torres, the artist who gave her an access to conceptual art and made her love it. Have a look through the window, she will show you the way…

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Horoscope of new forms of spirituality: 6 key profiles

What are the new forms of spirituality to try and return to an inherent need for escape, dream, reconnection to oneself and the others? Discover the contemporary forms of spirituality with our horoscope and our 6 key profiles.  

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Are creative profiles endangered species? 

It is still hard to imagine a machine doing a designer’s or a copywriter’s jobs, isn’t it?

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Packaging in the digital era

Did e-commerce kill packaging? That is the question we want to ask.

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Plastic, an ethical and aesthetic challenge

Giving an aesthetic value to recycled plastic might initiate the transition by raising people’s consciousness about manufacture, single use and the sorting of plastic packaging.

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Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Or how to learn to appreciate conceptual art

Delphine, our specialist in culture and outstanding receptionist, introduces her creative crush: Felix Gonzalez-Torres, the artist who gave her an access to conceptual art and made her love it.

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Just a crush?

Just a crush?

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The role of brands in the global climate strike

Since the 1950s mankind has pushed the earth into a new geological era. Whether it is the climate, nature or species, human activity has caused irreversible damage to the environment. Like the comet that caused the fifth mass extinction 65 million years ago man today is the main force behind the state, the functioning and evolution of the planet.

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The humanist franco-brazilian photographer, Sebastião Salgado

The first time I saw Sebastião Salgado’s photographs, it was at an exhibition at the Caixa Forum in Barcelona. I did not know this photographer and immediately fell in love of his work.

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The Making of Life

If our colleague and product designer Vincent had not praised La Fabrique du Vivant (The Making of the Living) at the Centre Pompidou, I would have missed a masterful exhibition. A huge subject…

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