How will tech drive our lives?

How will tech drive our lives?

Control, forecast, prediction. How does technology impact our day-to-day lives? Take part in Adam’s life: two paths, two destinies. Can you discover which is the best one for him?

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A few weeks after CES, what will be the impact, role and uses of tech in our daily lives?

5 key learnings to keep in mind:

–       Free will still matters: products and services that will offer decision-support rather than decision-making will be successful

–       Get rid of what already exists: thinking outside the box, getting rid of pre-established frameworks are key to generate truly breakthrough innovations. Don’t try to optimize what you have today but think about what you could have tomorrow.

–       Social connections, always: the brands that will reach a new social role by reconnecting people beyond the feeling of self-sufficiency created by technology will make the difference

–       User first: the brands that will offer a true value proposition (from answering a simple need to share a real vision) rather than a technical feasibility will stand out

–       Questioning the identities: rethinking the role of the brand at a time when technology itself is playing the anthropomorphism card to facilitate its acceptance is crucial


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