Logic Design uplifts a casserole dish!

Logic Design uplifts a casserole dish!

In 1953, Seb revolutionized cooking with the Super Cocotte – a quality, durable pressure cooker dish Made in France. It’s now an icon. Over the years, the brand has adapted to consumer expectations and developed new innovative products intended to improve everyday cooking.


The Super Cocotte adapts and continues to meet the expectations of Traditional Experts and Cooking Lovers. However, faced with a changing market the need for a brand evolution to remain desirable is evident.


To enhance its iconic character, our teams developed a graphic territory that places the product history and origin at the heart of its identity. A design emerges through the combining the emotional and historical dimensions of the brand:


– The Cocotte asset is reinterpreted with illustrative and a vintage touch


– The pressure cooker marking reinterprets the brand’s historic logo, thanks to typographic

work on the SEB initials-  a nod to the origins of the Société d’Emboutissage de Bourgogne.


– The RTBs of the product – local production in Burgundy since 1953, sustainability and recyclability get a lift and now occupy a central spot.


By skillfully combining the codes of authenticity and modernity, the casserole dish is once again an icon that appeals to current generations!


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