eco design
Eco-design; reconnecting with our planet!

Global awareness is shaking up global industrial production. Eco-responsibility is a reality that is forcing brands to react quickly and become actors of this revolution.   Taking care of waste…

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be bold
Brands, assert your beliefs !

Distressing daily life, the drift towards greenwashing and purpose-washing, the weariness of hero brands ... in light of the current crisis of meaning and confidence, people no longer know who…

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7 good reasons why brands should be good at storytelling

“Stories are our primary tools of learning and teaching, the repositories of our lore and legends. They bring order into our confusing world. Think about how many times a day…

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structural Design
Silver Agers, connected to push the envelope!

Start-ups and large companies use IoT to develop a number of innovations that simplify the daily lives of our Silver Agers allowing them to stay connected to their surrounding reality.…

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The “Boomers” are coming !

While firms seem to focus on millennials and other Gen Y or Z, purchasing power belongs to what we like to call “seniors”. 10 years from now, people over the…

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change for good
Sustainable commitment as a driver for the transformation of brandsy

Capitalizing on sustainable commitment as leverage for value creation: a return to the sources of entrepreneurship? Marches for climate, biodiversity summits, student protests, not to mention the "yellow vests"... The…

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A brand is first a commitment

A brand is, above all, a commitment, a contract that it signs with its employees, its customers and partners. It is a tacit contract, of which each stakeholder expects a…

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“To be irreplaceable, you have to be different”

“To be irreplaceable, you have to be different” Coco CHANEL I am an iconic brand,  the symbol of a fabulous tale. I am timeless and I share the founding myth…

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Women & Brands : the need to adapt to changes

Our thinking on the representation of women in brands discourse was motivated by an observation. In a changing political and social context as gender-equality initiatives are multiplying, as women’s voice…

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brand assets
The logo is dead! Long live Brand Assets!

In a global economy in turmoil from digitalization and the death of mass consumption, the rules of the branding have been completely upended. The logo is no longer the single…

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Vegetalization, mere trend or real eye-opener?

That the world is increasingly turning away from meat (and its derivative products) is obvious. According to the study "Vegetables in the Diet of the French" (2017 Ifop / Lesieur),…

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The Food Revolution, A New Moral Order?

The subject of food has been firmly at the heart of the media's agenda for the past several years, and it's accused both of being the source of all evils…

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