User experience as the ultimate innovation model

User experience as the ultimate innovation model

From Apple’s unboxing to SANOFI medical applications or Magnum’s haptic packaging to ROMY connected cosmetics, brand user experience is like a gold mine.

Having been pre-empted by digital technology user experience is in reality to view in a more holistically way. It’s inclusive and has a comprehensive framework comprising the different components of user/product interaction.

To paraphrase Donald NORMAN, the “user experience” theorist, if you have two innovations comprising the same functionalities, the one delivering a superior experience will win in the long-run and with  end-user commitment. So, it’s time for brands to wake up to this powerful fact!


Design: a three pronged innovation process

We can consider the design in 3 dimensions:

-> A functional dimension, from Form&Funktion, which provides an operational solution

-> A mythological or experiential dimension, the embodiment of storytelling and the semiology of the response

-> The aesthetic dimension, a true sensory orientation which completes the process

Thanks to its emotional power, storytelling is by far the most effective vector for action and memory impact!


Emotions and Memory

Dorte Berntsen’s experiments proved it: the emotion / memory connection is an extremely effective way of imprinting the memory.

Storytelling makes it possible to resonate with the history of the user thus developing an emotional bond with the brand. Moreover, a story can be remembered way more easily than the individual details that make it up.


Tools for Emotion

From product design to the creation of dedicated applications. From sound design to machine learning. From human / machine interaction to the use of cognitive science. From generative design to motion design. They all compete in producing a multi-sensorial experience.

This is why design today is multi-dimensional affair with ever-changing results. Innovation is no longer peripheral or an add-on, but part of a brand’s fabric. The advent of sensory design in the 21st century is an effective interface for our 5 senses leading to positive  and successful user experiences.

As Milton Glaser once said “There are three possible answers: yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the reaction you should be looking for ”

Hence,  the user experience is now an essential tool that needs to become part of the brand because “When the user experience is greater than the user’s expectations, trust is established. “(Colm Tuite)


Vincent VIARD, Structural Design Manager
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