Steve Simpson

Steve Simpson

Julie, one of our Logic Designers, introduces her “creative crush”: Steve Simpson, an Irish artist renowned for his richly detailed illustrative style inspired by Art Deco.

Julie first discovered Simpson’s work on the launch of the Jameson Whiskey limited edition bottle in 2015. Jameson chose to partner with a local artist to pay tribute to Dublin’s Fair City where the spirit was first distilled in 1780. Simpson illustrated his love of his hometown in this project with references to its heritage and culture.

For more than 30 years, Simpson’s artwork has appeared on stamps, screens and billboards on Time Square, packaging, barcodes, restaurant designs, even children’s books.

“I think it’s important to create projects that are close to heart.”

Steve Simpson has a passion for local cultures, especially those of Central and South America. Always up for new challenges, he juggles Irish, Mexican and Australian illustration styles, taking inspiration from their traditions without ever falling into the trap of clichés.


Wandering through his website, we discover his sketchbooks. These provide us with an insight into the progressive phases of his work process, the colour palette and textures he uses. It is this backstage access that fascinates and inspires Julie“We usually focus on the end result, the final image. With Steve’s work, we have access to the hidden part of the iceberg. It is always inspiring to see how artists work.”.



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