From brand to icon #LogicDebate

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From brand to icon #LogicDebate

Last Tuesday, over breakfast, we shared with our clients a study on brand assets : “From brand to icon”. Together, we explored the new challenges brands are facing and how they can achieve iconic status.

The transaction era is over. It is time to start a conversation! In this new context, the brand is much more than a name and a logo, more, even, than an imaginary universe. It is transformed into a veritable system, using as many forms of language as media to deploy and renew its dialogue with its users (read the article The logo is dead: long live brand assets!).

Brands have understood these new rules. But what can they do concretely? To start a conversation, we need a language. From the shape of Coca Cola bottles to Google’s colors, has been an occasion to sensitize brands to the current mutations they’re facing in a digital world where image prevails. Feed, enrich, display a number of signs that embody and drive a vision – without having to explain it. That is what we call brand assets: an immaterial but real capital, a true game changer that can transform a brand into an icon! Discover how we have worked with Vittel on that matter. 


How to build and display assets to create a unique brand experience? Sophie Romet, Associate Director at Logic Design, provided an answer to that key question and shared takeaways to help brands achieve iconic status and last forever.


Iconic brands work in similar ways. Beyond their visual identities there is a world made up of the mythical, emotional, engagement, qualities to maintain with consumers (read the article What is an iconic brand? A structural designer’s perspective).

Logic Design paved the way brands must take to keep pace with consumers-citizens’ new expectations: more simple, more emotional and more engaged brands.

The conversation continues on social media with #LogicDebate 😉


Brand engagement will be the subject of our next conference with L’ADN on June 13th at Oxygen.

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