Claire Pebayle, Human Resources Manager

Claire Pebayle, Human Resources Manager

Logic Design is first and foremost a team. Each month, we shine a light on a member of the #LogicTeam and introduce you to the people behind the scenes. Today, we present Claire Pebayle who manages human resources.


Agency success doesn’t just depend on the quality of its creative team, innovation abilities or an in-depth knowledge of markets. It is above all, its ability in identifying and attracting talent, training them and making them want to stay. This is a daily challenge for Claire Pebayle, our HR Manager.


Claire has always been a people person, but she was going to become a child educator while studying sociology in college. She discovered HR through some visiting speakers who were able to communicate their passion and fascination for the profession. “After two years of training, I started working as an apprentice in the automotive sector. Almost immediately I was confronted with the reality on the ground, which is sometimes quite different from what we are taught!


Claire has been working with our teams for the last two years and the last 12 months has been particularly eventful. As of last March, she has ensured the proper functioning of the agency “Information around COVID changes constantly. What’s decided one day changes the next. The secret? Staying tuned in to the newest government policy and so that new procedures can be put in place.


Although the virus is still around, we are better informed. The agency has adapted and people are comfortable teleworking or working face-to-face. Claire can now move on from crisis management!

Here my role is multifaceted, unlike the larger groups where everything is specialised.

She ensures agency life is agreeable for employees and looks after the training plan, payroll, recruitment, onboarding new talent and the admin part! Caring and always attentive, she’s quick to remind us of the health measures in place and the right to disconnect when working from home!

Every day is about devoting time to others, family, friends and colleagues. However, it’s important not to forget ourselves so that we can be available later.” Her trick for recharging her batteries – running in the wilderness. Her best performance, finishing a half-marathon during a flood…a true mental and physical challenge!

The endurance needed to finish races is the kind you need to deal with a health crisis while remaining positive and staying on course!



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