Anthony Feynie, Structural Designer

Anthony Feynie, Structural Designer

Logic Design: a team first and foremost. Each month, we showcase a member of the #LogicTeam to introduce you to the people working hard behind the scene… This month, we caught up with Anthony Feynie, Product Manager here at the agency.


Today, we received a brand-new 3D printer A real technological treasure, which will certainly be put to good use in our Open Lab. “Installation underway. Can’t wait to use it in our future projects! 🤩” read an excited email I received from Anthony.


Passionate about all things technical since he was young, Anthony initially had his sights set on becoming an aeronautics engineer. However, as he developed a keen interest in the arts and photography, he began to seek a balance between his two passions.

Eventually, the industrial design path soon became the obvious choice for him.


“What I love about my job is that, through mixing design with technical elements, we can provide solutions for day-to-day problems”.


After an internship with L’Oréal, and a semester abroad in Lebanon, our young engineer joined our agency as an intern for a 6-month period.

As soon as I arrived, I was involved in the agency’s projects from the get-go. For example, I worked on an IET Open Pilot for Herta. It’s amazing to feel like you can contribute added value, even as an intern.»


Now well-established in the position of Product Designer, Anthony handles everything to do with volume, technical elements, user experience, innovation, 3D productions, industrial relationships, etc. A pretty wide-ranging position, which gives him the change to work on stimulating challenges and brands from all sectors. “I think the trait that characterises me best is my curiosity, it’s where I nourish and inspire my designer’s eye. It’s through taking interest in disciplines that are totally different to one another that we can build bridges and find innovative solutions.» !


Sociable and empathetic, he loves human relationships and discovering new cultures. “I think it would be fairly difficult to be a designer if you didn’t like people. It would be like being a teacher and not liking kids!»

When Anthony isn’t at the agency, he’s busy organising his next adventure or planning a sporting challenge. “I need to be challenged. That’s what helps me become more self-aware. I’m curious about what I have in my reserve tank!“»

It was with this attitude that he completed his first 150 km non-stop cycling marathon a few months ago!

A real trail-blazer, he’s constantly looking for his next adventure in far-off countries… or within Logic Design!



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