Pauline Fourtoy : Senior Project Manager in the War Machine team

Pauline Fourtoy : Senior Project Manager in the War Machine team

Logic Design is above all a team. Every month a member of the #LogicTeam is presented from behind the scenes… Today, meet Pauline Fourtoy, Senior project manager at Logic Design ! 


Be wary of her angelic smile, long blond hair and big eyes. Behind her sweet appearance, she is bold and a globetrotter who has taken in the sights from Bangkok to Vegas coupled with a passion for tattoos and history. Today I introduce you to Pauline, Senior Project Manager in the War Machine team.

At the end of 2011 her international Business School lead her to India to train and gain experience out of her comfort zone. “When I came back I had some issues with our western lifestyle. When you see the conditions in which people live, you never quite look at things in the same way”.

Following this experience, Pauline focused on projects with an international dimension and joined FutureBrand to work on the Nespresso brand.  She then worked at the Crépuscule agency,  managing cosmetic projects around the world. Cultural diversity, perception and visual and verbal codes fascinate her.

In 2017, our adventurer finally joined the Logic Design team as a Senior Project Manager. She looks after international brands and regularly focuses on projects in India, Switzerland, the USA and Germany. Her favourite project? The rebranding of LC1……   a Swiss brand rediscovering its  modernity. It was necessary to rebuild the entire strategy and create a logo, posters and a new brand identity through workshop and consumer groups. “When you’re a project manager, you understand every facet of the project and therefore create a strong bond with the brands”.

She is driven by passion and has a pronounced sense of style. It’s as a team member that she expresses her ideas, convictions and different aspects of her personality. “We are united and everyone has a role to play. With lots of twists and turns, projects never turn out as expected!” Is this just another big adventure?


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