25 years
of shared history

It’s no coincidence that the favourite brand of French citizens has been supported by the same design agency for the past 25 years.

Herta and Logic Design is a partnership based on a shared vision. A vision of the future, clear commitments, and a solid innovation policy which embodies this vision through actions, products and services.

This is also the strength of a partnership which has been able to adapt and anticipate, as well as understand the markets at the time and manifest its commitments concretely to create a trusting relationship with consumers.


With Open-pilot, we’re working on understanding the current markets and future changes, picking up on weak signals to better respond to consumer expectations and requirements, going beyond the standard product to develop a strong brand vision that can conquer new markets.


Who would make quiches if there wasn’t ready-rolled pastry? What would an aperitif be without Knacki balls? Who invented nitrate-free charcuterie? Who democratised the fresh vegetarian product market? Remaining loyal to it’s brand promise, Herta has anticipated and granted access to new ways of consuming to as many people as possible. Logic Design has supported the brand with its innovations through its “design-thinking” approach and has been able to get consumers on-board thanks to strong and unique brand assets and identity.


Today, Herta is the leading European brand and the favourite brand of French citizens for the 50th year in a row, and counts around 1,000,000 purchases of its products per day in mainland France. A long-standing leader in charcuterie, Herta has become the market leader for ready-made pastries and cookie doughs in the refrigerated aisle, and has also achieved a prime spot in the vegetarian delicatessen product market in less than 12 months.

« A notre époque où les super-hyper et autres maxi-grandes surfaces s’implantent et étalent une insolente puissance de publicité matraquage, il est bon d’aller au-delà des apparences et de s’interroger sur les véritables besoins des consommateurs »

Parution – Le trait d’union 1985

« A notre époque où les super-hyper et autres maxi-grandes surfaces s’implantent » 

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