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Prosain reinvente organic through an integrating policy of the the sector, from field to plate.
Brand Archeology

The visionary statement in 1968 of Maurice Lescastreyres,  founder of the company and the Union of Organic Companies, marks the true start of Prosain and the advent of organic food.

With each successive company sale this vision became lost. However, having restored it the entire project team has rallied around it and it has now become the foundation for the brand and corporate development.  


Open Pilot, strategy and design

By using our collaborative methodologies such as reputation evaluation, SWOT analysis, consumer insight and client workshops we brought the subject to life.

With powerful insights the brand is transformed with a platform that articulates a CSR mission with a consumer focus. This is based around respect for the land, agricultural techniques and local suppliers anchoring Prosain into a new era, the LA Bio approach.


Embody the organic approach

Designers instil a sense and pride into the brand by working on the positioning and Brand Assets. This led to a new identity and an ambitious vision.

This collaborative project has given the impetus to explore the future: sector integration, creating a foundation, the development of agricultural techniques, the scrupulous respect of ecosystems…

« Nowadays with hypermarkets spreading and their high impact repetitive advertising, it’s useful to look beyond the obvious and ascertain the real needs of consumers. »

Parution – Le trait d’union 1985

Prosain reinvents organic and develops regenerative agriculture

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