Defining and embodying the promise of a Biotech company shaking up the healthcare market.

XENOTHERA, a thriving French biotech company, creates treatments using technology with unique proprietary glyco-humanised polyclonal antibody technology.

XENOTHERA works across a broad scope of application, from multi-resistant bacteria conditions to organ transplants, not forgetting cancer treatments. The biotech company has recently developed an ambitious research programme tasked with developing a treatment for Covid-19.: Xav19.


Decoding the universe of a fast-growing biotech company

In order to understand the biotech environment, how it works, its culture and its challenges, our teams immersed themselves in the context of a fast-growing universe. Through this immersion, they studied the competition, leading healthcare trends, patient expectations and needs, and professionals in the sector, as well as interviewing the teams at XENOTHERA.

21 interviews

Interviews were held with the employees and partners of the biotech company – from legal teams to research staff, including its Chairwoman Odile Duvaux, whose investment was recently claimed the EY Start-Up of the Year for the Western Region award.

The subjects? Various themes covering their vision for the future of the young biotech company, the challenges faced in modern medicine, the strengths and weaknesses of XENOTHERA, as well as its opportunities and challenges, etc.


Making a strong commitment

The agency piloted the creation of the brand platform and guided the XENOTHERA teams in deciding on the boldness and commitment by agreeing on an ambitious yet realistic promise:accelerating the “time-to-cure”.

The agency supports its client in achieving ambitious goals

« Time to cure »


Bringing to life a disruptive brand

XENOTHERA aims to become an independent pharmaceutical laboratory, pioneering change: This is why it was essential to re-establish this deliberately disruptive positioning, which shakes up the sector through a singular, daring and empathetic brand identity.

This was the driving inspiration behind its new signature, “INNOVATIVE LAB FOR RESPONSIVE CARE”, which has been proudly emblazoned across all supports.


An identity which shines across all of the brand's media

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Committed against breast cancer

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The Biodiersity to the heart of the brand

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