Generation Top Chef: the new face of gastronomy

They’re young, dynamic, creative and passionate, and they’re redefining the standards of a trade that has never had such high media coverage. Who is this new generation of chefs, equally as comfortable in the kitchen as on television sets and social media?

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Can nostalgia be a vector for innovation?

From our leisure activities to politics, not to mention food and culture, there’s not many people in today’s society who have escaped a sense of nostalgia and the increasingly heard “… it was better in the good old days”.

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Marketing Bubble

There is no one who is as exposed to brands as the people who work with them, whether they are marketing teams or their agencies. This statement may seem obvious to us, but we often lose sight of it.

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Corporate culture as a driver of development

I understand the concept of company culture as the “soul” that has been molded collaboratively between the people who make it up in the present, and who at some point did so in the past and left their fingerprint.

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New borders for travel

The travelling experience is undergoing a phase of renewal and is taking on various forms, all the more so since the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Brands are facing an animal welfare revolution

Animal welfare has been around almost as long as society itself – Aristotle, Plutarch and even Thomas Aquinas wrote about the issue – and it remains a hot topic today because our relationship with animals is changing.

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Conscious consumption, sustainability and branding

Consumers and manufacturers are therefore increasingly confronted with this issue and it is clear that consumption habits will change significantly in the coming years.

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NFT: The new virtual playground for brands

The three letters NFT have become an internet sensation in the last few months. And big brands have been quick to show interest, turning this virtual trend into real business opportunities.

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Renewal in the dating market : An overview of initiatives

The elderly, students and families were central to discussions around the negative impacts of the pandemic. However, there was one category that represents 20% of the population which was hardly…

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Creativity, adaptation and online methodologies

If you are reading this, you’ll know that Creativity is driven by impulse and talent. Our creative potential is determined by our inner world which makes it predominately a subjective…

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What brands say about us …

Out of habit,  we try to interpret trends when brands hire us to do so. However, given the exceptional circumstances and various initiatives that may or may not last, it…

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User experience as the ultimate innovation model

From Apple’s unboxing to SANOFI medical applications or Magnum's haptic packaging to ROMY connected cosmetics, brand user experience is like a gold mine. Having been pre-empted by digital technology user…

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