The face-to-face metamorphosis

The advent of COVID has meant crowds have deserted cultural spaces and whenever possible, crowded stores.

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What if health commitments could also be a brand opportunity?

It’s been a year since we’ve been dancing to the coronavirus tune. And this pandemic has changed our life, our relationship to brands and forced us to adapt. So,  you…

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New ways for brands to approach the identity revolution

With social interactions currently being redefined and groups coming to the fore, Younited proposes an examination of the major issues facing brands through the prism of brand evolutions and relationships.

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Simplicity or Chaos, that is the question

  Who said that the future would be a walk in the park? Get on Twitter to see what we’re up against: messages galore, contradictory opinions and the evergreen “don´t…

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Three key factors for brands in 2021

As we start 2021, we can only hope they’ll be some improvement on 2020, a year of crisis. Every year, we resolve to improve on what went wrong in the…

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Open Podcast : The virtuous circle of innovation in agri-food sector

In this last episode of our Open podcast, we invite you to discover a new innovation in the food industry sector, with Jasper Schouten, founder of "1-2Taste"! ?  Click here…

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? Open Podcast – The climate bet

In this newest episode of our Open Podcast, we investigate what leading brands can do to support the “climate bet”.   ?  Click here to discover the podcast! ? Enjoy…

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? Open Podcast – How to improve food innovation?

? Click here to discover the podcast! ?   Enjoy listening!   For more information:

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? Open Podcast – How blockchain technology can help boost loyalty?

See you today for a new episode of our Open Podcast dedicated to blockchain opportunities! ? Click here to discover the podcast! ?  Enjoy listening!   Keywords : branding agency,…

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Less is more, on the brands side

‘Less is more’ is often seen through the prism of aesthetics. However, it can it can be way more and provide powerful insights for brands.

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Less is More, on the design side

Optimising with renewed gusto   To embrace the truth is to reduce the packaging to its absolute basics.  It entails embracing a transparent moral value which surpasses all marketing speeches.…

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Forget about Millennials and Boomers!

The marketing world is awash with terms such as Generation X Y & Z or ‘Millennials’. No doubt you’ve even heard it bandied about in meetings. Although segmentation by generation…

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