Anna Parera is the Customer Experience at the agency in Barcelona

Anna Parera is the Customer Experience at the agency in Barcelona

Logic Design is first and foremost a team. Each month, we shine a light on a member of the #LogicTeam and introduce you to the people behind the scenes. Today, we present Anna Parera, Customer Experience at the agency in Barcelona.


Happily we greet Anna Parera, customer experience enthusiast. In a short time she has become a key piece in the gear of the operation of Logic Design Barcelona.


I studied Aesthetics and Image Consulting. I really liked the event organizer course. When I finished, it was not clear to me about the next step. I worked for a while in the world of aesthetics, hoping to focus on consulting or even start my own business.

 I decided to travel and I settled in Ireland for ½ year, working as an “au pair” of 3 children. I improved my level of English and I knew another culture. It was very enriching!


At the age of 21, when she returned to Barcelona, ​​Anna considered taking another career, Organization of events and protocol or Advertising and public relations. Finally, she opted for Advertising and Public Relations (with the intention of dedicating herself to PR).

 It happened that in the first academic year I did a subject related to the discipline of Accounts and I really liked it. Initially, I imagined that it was purely numbers. I discovered that it was more about management and that it involved pivoting different projects at the same time. I found it very interesting and in line with me.


In the third year of her career, Anna began her academic trainee at Logic Design Barcelona :

And here I am, very motivated and enjoying the day to day. Now I have been working in Logic for 2 years, and I like to contribute a little to everything, although it involves stress and timings to meet. Sometimes in addition to managing I can also participate in the execution at a creative level. Alternating my tasks is what I enjoy the most. Having the openness of being able to collaborate on a project as far as I want, is something exciting!


Anna, what do you like the most about your job? << what I like the most in addition to dealing with the clients is the regular change of being and leading projects with different approaches. Another thing that I also find gratifying is when I go to the supermarket and find the packaging design of a project that I have lead. At that moment you feel the merit and the great work that the team has done >>

Nestle is one of the accounts that Anna manages, in addition to Maheso, Lubrizol and Lactalis among others. I ask Anna to share some experience with one of the Lubrizol projects that involved the most management: The Chromapol ColorPop campaign (an active ingredient for hair coloring):
We did a very dynamic and inclusive collaboration with Chromapol. To introduce the first creative proposals, we did a “quiz” to engage customers, to generate a good experience and to make a more dynamic presentation. The idea seemed so original that they later considered implementing it in other corporate applications. Generally speaking, there was a great match! 
I dare to describe Anna as a very active and restless person, and her day somehow has more than 24 hours, how can she do so many things? working is a high daily percentage but sport takes up a lot of her time, the mountains and “vía ferratas” fill her up a lot (it is an adventure sport that allows you to access mountains and cliffs using cables and grips connected to the rock, in which you hook yourself with harness and carabiners to avoid falls). Skating is her great passion and new discovery. Baking also play a role in her live. And at the office she beats us up playing pin-pon!. Despite her activity, she finds moments to read a book and calm down.
We have this nice conversation just before starting the summer holidays, and Anna assess the decision to walk a journey on the Camino de Santiago alone. Today we can say; goal and new experience accomplished! Congratulations Anna!
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