Catherine as a new Business Manager

Catherine as a new Business Manager

You may not know it but I am sure you have already met Catherine, our New Business Manager. You probably read one of her chronicles on our blog or even one of her books, or maybe you saw her on TV when she used to represent Alsace in Christine Bravo’s TV show “Sweet France” in the early 2000’s.

However, can you really say you know her? As a true slasher, Catherine has lived 1001 lives! Always looking for a new challenge, she cannot get enough crazy experiences.

She becomes an entrepreneur at 25 years old, before it becomes a trend, and dedicates herself to prospection. The 4 years of hard work that follow teaches her a lesson to remember: she will never again dedicate 100% of her time doing one thing only. To find her balance, Catherine needs to diversify and experiment different activities. Way before the slashers become trendy, she already believed in the cross fertilization of talents and skills.

She then goes back to school and gets a licence degree in Turkish and a Master’s degree in intercultural communications, while developing her expertise in strategic prospection, first as a consultant then in an agency. She dedicates her free time to writing: blog, touristic guides, chronicles, games, novels, psycho-humorous books… Passionate, she has tried everything!

She has now been working for 5 years at Logic Design setting up, with her +30 years of experience, a qualified haunting strategy.

After having ran her own company, done TV, published more than thirty books, one could have thought Catherine would stop there. It was without counting her turning 50! Ready for new challenges, she has been a comedian for 3 years with her character Catoch’, the authentic offshore Alsatian without complex: “It is the hardest I’ve done in my entire life. It isn’t enough to be funny, you have to be hilarious!”. New hard challenge for her, no doubt, but from where we standing, everything should be okay: her first One+One-Woman-Show is already sold-out! You haven’t got your ticket? Maybe it is not too late 😉

Clémence Lejeune, Communications Manager

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