The Final Art Director : Francesc Magallón

The Final Art Director : Francesc Magallón

Logic Design is first and foremost a team. Each month, we shine a light on a member of the #LogicTeam and introduce you to the people behind the scenes. Today, we present Francesc Magallón, Final Art Director of the agency in Barcelona.

We wrote the portrait of one of our Final Art Directors the same month as his birthday. Congratulations Francesc! anniversaries are often reflection dates with past, future, and present perspectives.

For Francesc it is easy to remember his first day at Logic Design Barcelona. More than 6 years ago! And he tells me that “it seems like I started yesterday”.

He met our ceo Dani Muñoz 20 years ago. They were partners in one of his first jobs in a design agency located in Barcelona.

Laughing, Francesc remembers that: “I took Dani everywhere on my motorcycle, I was almost his driver”.” Due to his concern an pro-activity, I sensed that he would set up a design studio, so I told him, call me when it works, and here we are”.

Architecture student, draftsman and technical drawing turned into finalist art. He is a great professional with an expertise that brings an important vision to the agency.

I ask Francesc what does the draftsman studies consist of? “I do not know if they still exist, but in my student days, it was a professional training that consisted of the study and development of projects and architectural plans, according to the data that you calculate or obtain yourself”.

“I have seen Apple born”. “In the year ’88 I met Mr. Mac and started mapping”. “I learned to reproduce logos on negatives and to develop the foundations of graphic arts”. His main account at logic design bcn is nestlé infantil. Whenever he can, he contributes in those final arts that require it. “I have been fortunate to work on what I like for 30 years, and I will always say that the most difficult thing in this profession is to reflect the direct inks that the designer wants”.

His mentor is Jaume Pons, an expert in graphic arts in the well-known Barcelona neighborhood of Poble Nou. Where coincidentally our offices are currently. “35 years ago the Poble Nou neighborhood was primarily graphic arts: printing, color, manipulation … I used to come to this same building to make color samples”.

Francesc is a long-distance “runner”, and I am not just talking figuratively at work. In the year ’81 he got his first national bronze medal in Athletics. “I tried to play football at the Espanyol Club, and when I did not succeed, I decided to give myself fully athletics”.

For him, his greatest achievement in this long-distance race named life, as well as his priority, are his two children. I think he has already achieved the most important “medals”.


Teresa González Martín, Rsc Crm & Communication at Logic Design Barcelona

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