Kim Hartmann, the senior strategic planner of Logic Design

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Kim Hartmann, the senior strategic planner of Logic Design

Logic Design is first and foremost a team. Each month, we will introduce a new member of the #LogicTeam for you to meet the people behind the scene…


Today, I am meeting with Kim, our strategic planner. The warm atmosphere, her long curly hair and her exotic shirt convey a tropical vibe! Kim, who is currently working on our next conference #LiveLonger, allows me a coffee break in her company.

She has been a strategic planner at Logic Design for more than a year now. She is in charge of the elaboration of brand strategies for our clients and she also leads our conferences. 

Before joining the agency, Kim took an ambitious educational path: a Master’s degree in Contemporary History at The Sorbonne, then another in Social Sciences and finally a third one in Brand Strategy at CELSA Paris-Sorbonne. “I ran a lot during those years!, she tells me laughing. “I have been around heterogeneous universes and people with very different perspectives. It was extremely rich.”


During her career, after working for an ad agency and for a branding agency, Kim has worked for various brands in different fields such as fashion, food, banks and even… satellites! “We get to feel passionate about subjects we never thought about before, simply because the questions raised and the people we meet are fascinating”. 


Kim loves challenges, they are part and parcel of her mission: “What matters to me is our own capacity to adapt”. With enthusiasm, she tells me about her work as a strategic planner that involves adjusting to the client, the market, the question at stake, the company and its culture. Everything goes really fast, the markets change, the consumers’ expectations towards brands evolve… and the job with them! The interest lies in the cross-fertilization of different expertises: insights, data, trends, market surveys… and the work methods: ideation, co-construction, immersion… “Who knows what we will invent tomorrow to gain relevance for our brands and our clients! In the end, the will to challenge, shift lines, innovate, step out of our comfort zone is more important that what you can or can’t do. You learn by doing!”


Last June, Kim led #Change4Good, our conference on brand commitment organized at La Défense with L’ADN in front of a hundred or so change makers. She felt strongly about that project: “it is a fascinating topic, we get to question our societies. It allows us to take a step back and at the time time to move forward in order to provide brands with concrete solutions!”.


More recently, she has been working on a totally different topic: “boomers”, “seniors”, “silver agers” – call them as you like -, these young-elderly people who will represent one person out of three in a few years will be the theme of our next conference.

Discover the teaser of #LiveLonger


You have probably figured that out now: Kim is always on the move and never where you expect her to be. If you want to see her, come to our next conference in October!



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