Conscious consumption, sustainability and branding

Consumers and manufacturers are therefore increasingly confronted with this issue and it is clear that consumption habits will change significantly in the coming years.

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NFT: The new virtual playground for brands

The three letters NFT have become an internet sensation in the last few months. And big brands have been quick to show interest, turning this virtual trend into real business opportunities.

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The Final Art Director : Francesc Magallón

Logic Design is first and foremost a team. Today, we present Francesc Magallón, Final Art Director of the agency in Barcelona.

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Jeanne Sibon, Art Director

Each month, we shine a light on a member of the #LogicTeam. Today, we present Jeanne Sibon, the Art Director of the agency.

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Renewal in the dating market : An overview of initiatives

The elderly, students and families were central to discussions around the negative impacts of the pandemic. However, there was one category that represents 20% of the population which was hardly…

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Logic Design breaks down the marketing silos through a new methodology

Logic Design is reaching a new milestone as a pioneer of innovative and collaborative methodologies with Open-Pilot®. The agency is revolutionizing its consumer approach with a new Darwinian tool and…

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Logic Design participates in Nestlé’s “Accelerator” project

It’s been two years since the Nestlé Group has hosted an Accelerator unit within its R&D department. This brings together scientists, students and start-ups to advance science and technology. The…

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Prospective Narrative – Marseille 2099

At the dawn of the 22nd century, when the natural causes of death have been eradicated through advances in medicine and science, the legislative framework for the end-of-life modalities is…

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Logic Design uplifts a casserole dish!

In 1953, Seb revolutionized cooking with the Super Cocotte – a quality, durable pressure cooker dish Made in France. It’s now an icon.

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Antonio Prado is the Head of Digital

Times currently do prevent that, as we would rather have had a “face to face” conversation. But it is easy to work our way around that, and use some of…

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Creativity, adaptation and online methodologies

If you are reading this, you’ll know that Creativity is driven by impulse and talent. Our creative potential is determined by our inner world which makes it predominately a subjective…

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